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The International Anti-Slavery Commission (IASC) was formed out of the “Green Barcode Project” in 2016. What started as a small submission to the UN economic forum, the IASC now works with its international partner’s around the globe to end modern slavery.

IASC Mission Statement

As the world’s leading global think-tank on modern slavery, our focus is on prevention.  

  1. Farming, manufacturing, & goods purchasing
    Our mission is to bring together world-leading experts on global production and purchasing and to work with our partners around the world to issue IASC-Approved Green Barcodes. What is a Green barcode?
  2. Service slaves & human trafficking
    Our mission is to bring together world-leading experts in the cash economy.  House maids, sex slaves, and trafficked persons are normally trafficked for cash. Our mission is to promote technology and education to create a traceable pattern for law enforcement to follow. 
  3. Prevention & education
    Our mission is to act preventatively by providing a global think-tank forum of education, starting with anti-bullying programs in schools and colleges around the world.  
Amy Bennett
Amy Bennett – How to recognize slaves for 911 responders


Colleen Kelly - The Green Barcode Button.001
Colleen Kelly – The Green Barcode Project
Nyasha Choto-Mutete
International Speaker, Nyasha Choto-Mutete


Donna Leigh Perfect Las Vegas
Linking bullying to slavery

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