Uganda finds their power – in taxation!

Uganda is showing the power of modern, specific, taxation: targeting rich, white, western companies, and with a young population who crave social media – it’s a financial war Uganda could easily win.

When countries build sources of legitimate & fair income – it’s a win for everybody around the world.


cropped-green-barcode-project-for-united-nations2.jpgGovernments around the world are being asked to increase their taxes on BLACK barcodes – products that have not been inspected to ensure safe and fair work conditions, as opposed to the new GREEN barcodes – a guarantee that product is “slave-free”.

Those additional taxes to be used:

  • 50% to develop the green barcode project in their country
  • 50% to help the country improve working conditions for all, and increase departments like a WorkCover Authority to ensure safe working conditions.

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