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We must end racist symbols of hate

The Confederate Flag is a painful symbol of thousands of lives lost, and a country broken.  It is the symbol of the slave owner.  A symbol of hatred and division, and a symbol of white power that cannot continue in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd. Every time the descendants of slaves see that … More We must end racist symbols of hate

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Coronavirus Update – 2020 Global Awards

You can still nominate!   The Awards will just be live streamed – so vote for yourself, your team, or a charity or group helping with modern slavery and human trafficking.

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Have you been nominated yet?

Nominations for the 2020 Global Anti Slavery Awards Once you have nominated yourself, or your team… use one of these on your social media to get people to vote for you!         

What are the Red ‘X’s on people’s hands

What are the red ‘x’s for on people’s hands? The #Endit Movement has rocketed to fame this year, bringing awareness to modern slavery and human trafficking. You can nominate the #EndItMovement, or any other individual or group (including your own) for the #GlobalAntiSlaveryAwards – nominations still open  


UN WARNING: UKRAINE: farm slavery linked to criminal gangs

The United Nations recently warned of jobless men in Ukraine being tricked into slavery by farmers linked to criminal gangs. Tricked with the promise of free food and accommodation these men are soon enslaved, unpaid, and unable to leave. However there has also been recent success, helping 600 people already this year.  See more.

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Human Trafficking: A Comparison of National and Nevada Trends

An extremely well researched paper by Alexa Bejinariu, UNLV.  


Nobel Economics Prize Goes to poverty researchers

Causes of modern slavery Poverty is, by far, the number one indicator of susceptibility to poverty, therefore it is a huge step forward that the remarkable Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, of M.I.T., and Michael Kremer of Harvard, were honored with the Nobel Prize for economics. Go to the New York Times Article

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Study FREE Uni Course on Slavery

The Open University Program provides free education to people around the world.  You can take University-level courses, FOR FREE, on line. Educate yourself on modern slavery – FOR FREE here:      

Children for sale

Absolute ‘must see’ for teenagers and their parents and teachers.  Learn how you, or your child, can easily get tricked into a horrific nightmare. There really is help available. We are out here trying to help you – Red Cross, Salvation Army, Lifeline, and your church, mosque or temple.   If you are reading this you … More Children for sale


Uganda finds their power – in taxation!

Uganda is showing the power of modern, specific, taxation: targeting rich, white, western companies, and with a young population who crave social media – it’s a war Ugandan’s could easily win.

When countries build sources of legitimate & fair income – it’s a win for everybody around the world.

Governments around the world are being asked to increase their taxes on BLACK barcodes – products that have not been inspected to ensure safe and fair work conditions.

Those taxes to be used:

50% to develop a green barcode project in their country
50% to help the country improve working conditions for all, and increase departments like the WorkCover Authority to ensure safe working conditions.
More:  Uganda Learns Power of Taxation – New African Super-Power? … More Uganda finds their power – in taxation!

How to combat modern slavery: Kevin Bales: TED 2010

Kevin Bales CMG is Professor of Contemporary Slavery at the University of Nottingham, co-author of the Global Slavery Index, and was a co-founder and previously president of Free the Slaves. Want a job? He says often it’s the same story, a truck comes into the village, and even though the guy might be sketchy, the … More How to combat modern slavery: Kevin Bales: TED 2010

Petition to the UN: End Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is worse now that it ever has been. There are so many people suffering, being beaten, being starved, raped, and dying. And a lot of them a little, innocent children – in the sex industry they can be as young as four years of age. Our idea worth spreading: Green barcodes show a … More Petition to the UN: End Modern Slavery