IASC petitions the United Nations: Stop gay executions – meanwhile calls for urgent travel warnings for LGBTIQA+

The International Anti-Slavery Commission is calling on the United Nations to demand their members:

  1. End executions of their LGBTIQA+ people
  2. Decriminalise (if not legalise) LGBTIQA+ activities
  3. Decriminalise sex before marriage between consenting adults
  4. Change legislation to end forced marriages of all their citizens, especially LGBTIQA+ forced to marry.
  5. End the use of LGBTIQA+ individuals as forced and slave labour in prisons, camps, mines, farms & factories.


In addition, we call on the United Nations to immediately issue a travel warning for all the countries listed below, so that LGBTIQA+ are warned not to travel to those countries.

From 76crimes.com:  Here is this blog’s list of 70 countries and independent political entities with anti-homosexuality laws, with links to the blog’s coverage of them.


  1. Algeria
  2. Burundi
  3. Cameroon
  4. Chad
  5. Comoros
  6. Egypt
  7. Eritrea
  8. Eswatini (Swaziland)
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Gambia
  11. Ghana
  12. Guinea
  13. Kenya
  14. Liberia
  15. Libya
  16. Malawi
  17. Mauritania
  18. Mauritius
  19. Morocco
  20. Namibia
  21. Nigeria
  22. Senegal
  23. Sierra Leone
  24. Somalia
  25. South Sudan
  26. Sudan
  27. Tanzania
  28. Togo
  29. Tunisia
  30. Uganda
  31. Zambia
  32. Zimbabwe

  33. Afghanistan
  34. Bangladesh
  35. Brunei
  36. Indonesia (Aceh Province, South Sumatra Province and four cities in other provinces)
  37. Iran
  38. Iraq
  39. Kuwait
  40. Lebanon (law ruled invalid in one court in 2014 and disqualified for use against same-sex intimacy in another court in February 2017)
  41. Malaysia
  42. Maldives
  43. Myanmar
  44. Oman
  45. Pakistan
  46. Palestine (Gaza Strip only)
  47. Qatar
  48. Saudi Arabia
  49. Sri Lanka
  50. Syria
  51. Turkmenistan
  52. United Arab Emirates
  53. Uzbekistan
  54. Yemen

  55. Dominica (But see “Dominica leader: No enforcement of anti-gay law“)
  56. Grenada
  57. Guyana
  58. Jamaica
  59. St Lucia
  60. St Vincent & the GrenadinesOCEANIA
  61.  Cook Islands
  62. Kirbati
  63. Niue
  64. Papua New Guinea
  65. Samoa
  66. Solomon Islands
  67. Tonga
  68. Tuvalu

  69. Russia
  70.  Lithuania

Please become a member of the International Anti-Slavery Commission.  Membership is 100% free! The more members, supporters and volunteers the IASC has behind us, the more we can be a strong voice for change in the countries who still execute and incarcerate LGBTIQA+ people.

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Call centre that lured workers into human trafficking: ABC News

Inside the call centre scam that lured vulnerable workers to Cambodia and trapped them in the murky world of human trafficking

By South-East Asia correspondent Mazoe Ford and Supattra Vimonsuknopparat in Bangkok

“The job advertisements were too enticing to scroll past — marketing and administration roles at a lavish casino in Cambodia, with high salaries and paid accommodation.

For Nokyoong, a 26-year-old Thai single mother of three, and her cousin Neung, 40, it seemed like an incredible opportunity to make money for their family

As soon as they saw the ads on Facebook they contacted the recruitment agent, speaking multiple times to find out the details before signing up. ”

Go to full article

Human trafficking victims forced to sell organs

This horrific piece from PBS News Hour…

Organisers Wanted: Green Hair Day – St Patrick’s Day- March 17, 2023

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17 is a fun day around the world to celebrate anything Irish – and GREEN!

Bright green hair sure attracts attention – and that’s what we need to bring publicity to slave-free green barcodes when you shop.

Organize a morning fun tv event in your area. All the tv morning shows have mobile teams, or a fun weatherman to cover events around the country. Invite your local tv celebrity to come down and have their hair died bright green! Invite your local politicians, influencers and friends.

Here are ways to help:

  1. Organise a morning television event. Contact us on info@antislaverycommission.org for our free information pack.
  2. Host a St. Patrick’s Day Party at a local pub (or in your home). Contact your local Irish Pub. Get them to run a “green hair competition”, or a donate free drinks for anyone with green hair. Email us for posters & handouts for local pubs.
  3. Dye your own hair green
  4. Donate! As the IASC is staffed by volunteers – 100% of your donation goes to free education program for schools, colleges and communities
  5. Buy a ribbon – It’s only $5 and wearing that ribbon, or promoting the ribbon as your photo for a day on your facebook page and social media helps get the word out to “BUY GREEN”.
  6. Buy a pin – the IASC pins are only $10, and combined with the ribbon make a statement that you will not put up with slavery any longer, that you will look for green barcodes, and shop ethical
  7. Check out our online free ethical shopping guides
  8. Ask your workplace or school to get involved
  9. Become a volunteer
  10. Become a Global Ambassador
  11. Run a fundraising event
  12. Contact us to see how we can help you promote this global fun way to increase awareness and encourage people to look for green barcodes and shop ethically.

Yes, even our Chair, A/Prof Colleen B Kelly got in the fun last year with Irish makeup, green hair, lots of fun, and bringing awareness to the evils of slavery and shopping ethically – and GREEN BARCODES!

Congratulations to the 2022 Award Winners

This year’s winner of our highest global honour is Sir Paul Hutchinson, and we were truly honoured to present him with his award at our annual gala evening at The Mirage Resort, Las Vegas.

This year, the IASC Board voted to add one additional category: The Lifetime Achievement Award. This Award will not be voted on by the general public, it will be the only Award decided by the IASC Board. After winning both the 2020, and 2021 Education and Training Awards, and a lifetime of community education, this year’s winner is Donna-Leigh Perfect.

Congratulations to the following category winners:

“Signal for Help” Hand Signal – Canadian Women’s Foundation – Canada

The Shauna T. Kelly Memorial Prize for Legal & Allied Fields

  • M.J. Maynard Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada – NV, USA
  • Tina DeCola – Las Vegas Fire & Rescue – Denise Amber Lee Foundation – NV, USA

Donations needed for silent auction

We only have a couple of weeks until the gala in Las Vegas. We really need your help – can you donate any item over $100 for our silent auction?

We need things like artworks, jeweller, travel holidays, a helicopter ride, restaurant dining experiences, gift certificates for virtually anything – hair dressing appointments, car servicing, cosmetics. We are grateful for anything and everything you think we could auction.

Doesn’t matter where you live

It doesn’t matter where you live, or where the item you are donating is located, just email us. to let us know you have an item to donate, and we can put it on our eBay auction, and then you can just post directly to the winner.

Where does the money go?

The IASC is staffed by volunteers. 100% of our fundraising goes to brining the FREE human trafficking awareness programs to schools and vulnerable communities around the world.

Cash donations

The IASC survives on your donations. We cannot bring the free human trafficking awareness program to schools without your help. We are so grateful for even the smallest cash donation.

Message from FBI Director Wray on human trafficking

What can you do about human trafficking?

Learn how the FBI is helping to end human trafficking and modern slavery.

Human trafficking in retail malls and shopping centres

Shopping malls are “easy pickings”

The mall is one of the first places young teenagers are allowed to go without adult supervision for the first time. Something must be going horrifically wrong, because 11,000 victims/year in the USA, 13,000 in the UK, and some 1,000’s in countries like Australia fall easy pray to traffickers who groom, flatter and trick both children and fully grown adults into the fastest growing crime in the world: human trafficking.

(See: How an intelligent lawyer was nearly tricked into being sold)

60% of all runaways are approached by traffickers within 48 hours!

The mall is also the first place the bullied teenager goes when they run away. Scroll down to the REAL STORIES below that range from being approached in famous cosmetic store chains, to downmarket mini-market sores to being sex tafficked in luxury malls

We tackled “stranger danger” – now: BEWARE THE FLATTERER!

Teenagers who have been groomed and tricked, and later rescued, often describe their trafficker as starting out as “the most wonderful person in the world” (until they show their true colours later on with victims enduring savage beatings, and rape after rape). The 1960’s and 70’s started the “stranger danger” campaigns – now we need to teach our children to “beware the flatterer”.

When children are tricked by flattery, with a 1% chance of escaping, their only hope becomes the public keeping their eyes peeled, watching for red flags.

It’s easy to think the victim will be nervous, looking down, not making eye contact, in grubby clothes. While that can happen, it’s also often the opposite: the young girl with expensive hair extensions, acrylic nails, and wild, fantastic, often expensive, clothes and jewellery. It’s very easy to learn the red flags to look for, and even easier to learn what to do if you see something suspicious. Here are just a few of the red flags:

🚩 Before anything has even happened – ask why is that child alone, in a mall, on a school-day?

🚩 Adults loitering in a mall for long periods of time for no reason.

🚩 It’s not just adults (male or female remember!) approaching a child they don’t know, its often other young trafficked victims making the first approach, often talking to the victims about hair or nails before the trafficker arrives to take over

🚩 Suspicious of overly expensive gifts, flattery, repeat customers who arrive with a different girl each time

🚩 Aggressive or dominating behaviour (remember traffickers are OFTEN women, and can be a child victim themselves!)

🚩 Under-age children buying sex aids, condoms, lubricant, massage oil etc

🚩 Regular or unusual purchase of prepaid phones and “burner” phones, store cards and gift cards

🚩 The trafficker will often answer questions on behalf of their victim, not allowing them to speak

🚩 Any signs of physical abuse

If you see something –
say something

Things are changing. Legislation is changing, attitudes are changing. The “child prostitutes” of the past are now seen for what they are – true victims. Police are being trained how to respond and help victims, and charities, non-profits, informal groups and individuals are all pitching in the fight. But, they can help act IF YOU SAY SOMETHING.

The people involved might have already left the scene, it might have been months ago – but still go and report it. Those numbers add up, the little pieces of information. It helps police piece together tiny pieces of information. These days police take reports seriously, and treat “gut feelings” about someone credibly.

“Better safe, than sorry”

Be Prepared

✔︎ Be prepared so you are calm and you act within the law. Vigilante justice gets people killed, or locked up in jail, and that could be you! It is better to let someone go, than put your own life at risk, and perhaps risk the life of the victim as well.

✔︎ Everything you read tells you: “remember what they look like”. But, any witness will tell you they can hardly remember what happened, much less what happened. Witnesses are notoriously unreliable identifying people in line-ups. One tip is simply to train yourself any time you’re in a shopping mall or airport to take notice of people’s shoes. Just that ONE THING: their shoes. The more you train your eye, the more likely you are to remember a trafficker’s and victim’s shoes, and then, as it is an invaluable memory jog, hopefully remember the whole picture to describe to authorities.

✔︎ The ultimate – if there’s any chance of getting someone to hand over their ID (safely and legally) then take that chance! You can even go to your bank and explain that you would like a handful of credit card application forms, just in case that one day comes where you could say to someone :”I have inroads with the bank, they are offering free credit cards this weekend, would you like to apply?”. Often coat checkers, and car washes at the mall are a wonderful source of knowledge.

✔︎ Get them to look up! There’s cameras everywhere these days. If you suddenly pretend you see something and can trick them into looking straight into a camera lens, that might be the one and only opportunity for cameras to capture their features. Remember stay safe, and stay within the law. Think ahead. Plan what you would do and say, SAFELY!

✔︎ Every checkout register should have the human trafficking hotline right there. Train your staff not to wait for management to make the phone call, it can be too late. Sometimes local police are not equipped, nor having the training to deal with, or understand of, trafficking victims. Find the human trafficking hotline in your country, and have it ready!

Technology & phone apps that save lives

✔︎All shopping mall staff and security should be aware of the latest phone apps that truly save lives. One press of a button, and phone app starts recording, sending information to police, along with the GPS position. You could even go to the extent of pressing the safety app, have it live and running and sneak into a girl’s bag without a trafficker noticing. That may be the only way police ever find them – from the gps on these life-saving new aps.

How you can help:

Listen to these terrifying stories
and near escapes from trafficking
at shopping malls:

Utahn Philanthropist tops Global Awards Honours

For Immediate Release – October 5, 2022

On behalf of the International Anti-Slavery Commission, headquartered in Australia, I have great pleasure in announcing that the winner of the 2022 Medal of Freedom Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Global Fight to End Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking is:

Sir Paul Hutchinson of Salt Lake City, Utah
United States of America

The IASC Anti-Slavery & Anti-Human Trafficking Global Awards are the world’s largest awards of their kind, with over 100 countries represented this year, and thousands of nominations.

The Medal of Freedom Award is the highest honour that can be bestowed on an individual, or group, because it is the public who votes.  There are twenty categories of awards – ranging from education to computer technology and police and first responders, and all nominees receive a commemorative plaque, and the winner of each category also receives an additional commemorative medal. 

However, Mr. Hutchinson is the winner of our most prestigious gold star global award: The Medal of Freedom Award.

I encourage the public to look at Mr. Hutchinson’s extraordinary background. There are very few people in the world willing to risk their own lives to help trafficked victims.  Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing crime – it’s a billion dollar industry, and traffickers are dangerous, and organised, and they will happily kill to protect it.  It is only with the true bravery of someone like Mr. Hutchinson out there, searching for the answers to trafficking & slavery, and indeed rescuing victim after victim himself personally, that we ever hope to end this ever-growing horror of trafficking & slavery.

Rarely do we see a civilian take such heroic acts. Mt. Hutchinson’s extraordinary achievements have really, and truly, saved countless lives over a lifetime of charity, activism and philanthropic work.

Our gala awards night is being held at The Mirage Casino, Las Vegas October 29. 2022, and we invite the public, and all of the nominee’s supporters to join us in celebrating all of the nominees from around the world and their extra-ordinary success in rescuing victims, and convicting traffickers.

Again, I congratulate Mr. Hutchinson, and the many people who nominated this remarkable Utahn, and the team, friends and family around him who support the fight against human trafficking & modern slavery.

Signed for immediate release: October 5, 2022

For further information contact:
A/Prof Colleen B. Kelly (rtd)
International Anti-Slavery Commission, Australia

Email: info@antislaverycommission.org
Web:  www.antislaverycommission.org

Paul Hutchinson
A Lifetime of Achievements:

  • Serial Entrepreneur of over 15 successful companies
  • Holds a Series 65 license as an Investment Advisor
  • Founder of Child Liberation Foundation
  • Received an Honorary Doctorate degree for his humanitarian work
  • Knighted Sir Paul Hutchinson by the Knight’s of Templar in 2016
  • Honorary Colonel for the Utah Attorney General’s office
  • Executive Producer in the movie “The Sound of Freedom” featuring Jim Caviezel, Eduardo Verastegui, Manny Perez, Jose Zunig and Javier Godino
  • The Paul S Hutchinson Award was given to 100 doctors in Mexico for their work in helping women and children
  • Led over 20 undercover missions in 9 countries to identify and take down child trafficking rings
  • Serves as a mentor and invests in young entrepreneurs as an angel investor in their companies
  • Board Member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Board Member of the Living Planet Aquarium
  • Board Member of the Hale Centre Theater
  • Board Member of the FBI Citizens Academy
  • Nominated for Ellis Island Medal of Honor
  • Honorary Colonel Unified Police Department
  • Trained by CIA Operatives, Navy Seals and KRAV Experts
  • Finance Chair for Sean Reyes Utah Attorney general
  • Re-election Committee member for Senator Mike Lee
  • Judge for the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge
  • Mentor at the University of Utah School of Business
  • Recognized by The Community Foundation of Utah as one of the “Enlightened 50” top innovators committed to the common good.
  • Recognized as one of the 40 most influential young business leaders by Utah Business Magazine as he was selected as one of the “Forty under 40.”
  • Honored by Hollywood F.A.M.E. with the International Humanitarian Award
  • Recognized by Powerteam International with the Humanitarian Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Winner of the Global Race Award from Harvard Law School

Human Trafficking: How an intelligent lawyer was nearly tricked into being sold.

Anyone can be tricked into being trafficked. Look how this intelligent, polished lawyer nearly wound up being sold!

What is “Kidnapping by Inveiglement”?

Kidnapping by Inveiglement

“…for kidnapping, the term inveigle means to lure, lead astray, or entice by false representations or other deceitful means; as such, a person who entices another to ride in a car with a false promise to take the person to a certain destination has inveigled the passenger into the car

Reference: https://www.armfor.uscourts.gov

Here are just a few examples

Employment: Luring people with false promises of employment, wages, or conditions or rewards that prove to be highly false or misleading, or non existent.

Travel & Transport: Misleading statements to lure a person to travel in a car, plane, uber, yacht etc for employment or opportunities that do not exist.

Better Life: Making misleading statements about the standard of living. Leading victims astray with promises of a better life, safe away from foreign gangs, or wars & poverty in their homeland.

Facilities & Services: Luring people to travel with false representations about facilities, housing, health, cars & transport, education and social services that don’t exist

Different Location: Lying to victims about where they are sent, often arriving in a different state, or country, not knowing where they are, not speaking the local language, and relying on the goodness of strangers.

Compensation – where a victim is paid in money, gifts or barter to misrepresent themselves to authorities for purpose of travel.

Political pawns & “political hostage” purposes – Throughout the world, we see migrants, refugees and trafficked persons used as pawns. We see sports stars trapped in foreign jails, often given ridiculously long sentences. We see executives from other countries arrested at airports for no crime at all, in some kind of retaliation. It has become as radical as the diversion of commercial aircraft to capture political opponents. Refugees are deliberately trapped by politicians in refugee camps to force other countries into negotiations, or submission. We see places like Myanmar and throughout Northern Africa, and the Middle East and recently even in Australia, Europe and the USA where terrified people are lied to, and shunted from one place to another purely for political purposes.

Now, the good news is…

The good news is we are now seeing more and more pro-bono human rights lawyers standing up for victims who are:

a) helping the legal needs of victims, and
b) taking up legal action against governments to strengthen and enforce laws and to forbid the “capture by inveiglement”, or “unlawful arrest by inveiglement”, and “kidnapping by inveiglement” and
c) seeking multi million dollar compensatory damages

It’s up to us…

We believe, that the lawsuits, and the multi-million dollar fines, are the major way to stop this illegal practice from continuing, but it’s also the change in public sentiment – seeing local people welcome refugees and trafficked persons, seeing them open their hearts. That’s what will end this horrid practice in the long run.

Interviews & Speaker Events:

Please contact us if you would like an expert speaker, or interview, on kidnapping by inveiglement, human trafficking or modern slavery, to attend your Rotary, University, Airport, Airline, Police Friend’s Club or school or similar, or organise a community Human Trafficking Awareness event in your area. We are a not-for-profit funded by grants, endowments & fundraising events. With our partners, the IASC provides free human trafficking training lectures and short courses around the world and pro-bono advice to governments and the community.

Donate a book to the IASC children’s free anti-bullying education program.

You can help stop the chain of bullying leading to runaways being trafficked.

Our free school education program brings anti-bullying training, and educational ideas like a writing competition and a super fun children’s program to your school, or parent and teacher speaker nights.

Free Education

All our training, education & key note breakfast speeches or evening presentations, including our human trafficking awareness days, are provided free of charge as a community resource.

Donate an anti-bullying book…

$35 – gets 1 of the anti-bullying books to one school
$60 – gets 2 books to the school
$90 – gets 3 books – 2 to the school & 1 to their local public library
$110 – gets 4 books – 2 to the school, and 2 to their local public library.

Certificate of appreciation

All donors receive a certificate of appreciate, and photos will be posted on our Facebook page when books are donated.

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking in Real Estate

In the USA…

8,000* per year are rescued from sex trafficking.
About 2,000* people are rescued from labor trafficking.
Children have about a 1% chance of escape &
only a 7-year life expectancy.

Human Trafficking in Real State. Hiding in plain sight – red flags – what to look for.

We might think human trafficking in real estate applies to big houses that could be used to service many clients, like the “brothels of old” in the movies. However, apartments are perfect for smaller numbers of victims. Warehouses are perfect for larger labor slavery, such as sewing shirts, or stitching jeans or running shoes. Victims have even been rescued from yachts, and very often trailer parks.

Slavery never ended when the west made it illegal. Today it is WORSE today than ever! We think of slavery in far-off lands: farming coffee in jungles, or fishing slaves in vast oceans – but sex trafficking, including child sex trafficking (with victims as young as 4 years old), is right here, in our town, in our suburb, maybe even in our street.

Hiding in plain sight – red flags – what to look for

A person who doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the group applying for the property. Different clothes from the rest of the family. A young person that stands out with particularly excessive make up, jewellery, expensive hair extensions & nails – or the opposite: soiled and crumpled clothing that doesn’t look like the rest of the group.

Stores that just don’t add up. Inconsistent, or overly rehearsed, stories between the group

Lack of eye contact/conversation from one of the group. Remember, trafficking people can be young, old, male, female, transgender, and any, and every, race & religion.

Sellers who seems overly controlling, or tenants who seem particularly nervous

Gaps in paperwork – years missing from rental history – unable to remember past residences

Paying in cash – while there’s nothing wrong with paying with cash, large amounts for bond, or unusually paying months, even years, in advance in cash, or paying with a large number of small bills, is unusual, and another red flag.

Lots of people coming and going. Lots of different cars.

School-aged children who are not in school

Interior locks on doors & windows. Even if you are inspecting an empty house, it raises serious questions about the previous occupants.

Unexplained costly gifts. Anything that would make a child “look good” for their predators, clothes, shoes, makeup, nails, hair – or, sadly, again the opposite, very disheveled appearance or lots of badly applied rough make up very overly done. Something that really stands out from the rest of the group.

Join the fight…

Sign up for our newsletter today to find out more:

Bullying, teenage runaways & sex trafficking

One of the major ways children fall victim to traffickers is when they are bullied and eventually run away.

60% of runaways
are approached by traffickers
within 48hrs of
running away.

Traffickers know there are a steady stream of teenagers, and children as young as 8 will be hanging out. They’ll be at train stations, in parks, or outside McDonalds, just there waiting to become victims.

60% of runaways are approached by traffickers within the first 48hrs
of running away

Our writing competition is a great way for students, parents & teachers to start to make the connection, and understand the grave consequences of bullying, and how it leads to runaways being approached by traffickers.

Children aren’t abducted off the street. The trafficker will be the nicest person that kid ever met. They’ll buy them meals, take them to the hairdresser, buy them jewellery…in the beginning. In the end, they’re trapped in a nightmare in which only about 1% ever escape, and their life expectancy is 7 years from the day they become a victim.

How to enter

Simply email your entry to info@antislaverycommission.org along with the $15 entry fee before Australia Day. Enter as many times as you like. If you enter, and want to replace your entry with an update, you can re-enter a new version at any time prior to the closing date.

Who can enter?

Entries are open to all Gold Coast students.

How do I know if I have won?

All entries will receive an acknowledgment of receipt. Winners will be notified by email and on social media and advertised on our website.

Organise a competition in your area

Please at info@antislaverycommission.org if you would like to organize a similar competition in your area and help save lives.

Modern child slavery: Where our makeup comes from: Children mining in 116F heat

Check out our slave-free shopping guides page before you buy – and look for GREEN barcodes!

Slavery never ended when the west made it illegal. Today is WORSE today than ever! 45 million slaves make our products, mica, the mineral in makeup that makes it shiny can be mined in one of two ways…

Must see documentary from
Global Award Nominated Java Films…

Human trafficking training now mandatory in the beauty industry

Human trafficking in the fishing industry

Human Trafficking in Trucking & Transport

Truckers against trafficking have been nominated for the 2022 Anti-Slavery & Anti-Human Trafficking Award. You can vote for them here.

From Life by the Mile

North Carolina driver Antoine Sadler is part of a large Walmart fleet, and he engages daily as a mentor to new women and men coming onto that celebrated team. His passion is for safety in every part of the industry and this is why he has emerged as a national advocate for building awareness of the terrible tragedy of human trafficking. As a current board member of “Truckers Against Trafficking” (TAT), he has worked tirelessly to help mobilize over 800,000 drivers to be front-line observers of suspicious behavior, while working with local law enforcement to hit the problem head-on.

In this episode, he speaks of the magnitude of human and sex trafficking, giving simple ways professional drivers can assist in the fight; he also tells how to access free resources available to aid in the battle. It’s a sober look at this grave and a growing blight on communities across America while telling the powerful ways the trucking enterprise in the United States is helping roll back this serious societal disease. Be informed. Engage. Join the fight! FreightWorks is an ally in this critical effort and you can be too.

Truckers against trafficking have been nominated for the
2022 Anti-Slavery & Anti-Human Trafficking Award.
You can vote for them here.

Human Trafficking Awareness at Airports

About this video…

Founded in 1928, AAAE is the world’s largest professional organization representing the men and women who work at public-use commercial and general aviation airports. AAAE’s 5,000-plus members represent some 850 airports and hundreds of companies and organizations that support the airport industry. Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., AAAE serves its membership through results-oriented representation in Washington, D.C., and delivers a wide range of industry services and professional development opportunities, including training, conferences, and a highly respected accreditation program.

Thank you to this amazing group for this brilliant short documentary/training film.

2022 Las VIP Speaker’s Form

What is sports trafficking?


“Sports trafficking” – human trafficking right in front of our eyes – high school & college students brought to western countries in a disastrous unregulated visa system.

Nominate Javier Wallace here for the 2023 International Anti-Slavery & Anti-Human Trafficking Awards. Nominations are anonymous, we do not collect, sell or share data. You do not have to be a Member to nominate (although it is free to join, and we would love your support to be a strong voice to government & industry)

See: Award Rules & Info

The “Sun-Yi Memorial Award” for the “Hero of the Year”

For outstanding achievement and/or heroic act, or acts, by an individual or group. These astounding people and groups give little consideration to their own personal safety, or how their cause might put themselves personally at risk. These heroes travel far & wide and search out victims, and instead of turning away, they put their careers, and sometimes their lives, on the line to rescue trafficked victims.

It is with great honor that we announce the 2022 IASC “Hero of the Year” Award Nominees. We honor and salute them, and take a quiet moment to think of all the victims they have saved, and the lives they changed forever.

Vote Here for one (or more) of these extraordinary heroes:

Congratulations to the 2022 Global Awards Finalists for Finance, Commerce & Industry

For outstanding achievement on a global scale for an individual or group in finance, commerce & industry who develop and publicize a strong human-trafficking statement, produce, sell or recommend specifically slave-free, fair trade products and who inspect supply lines, with the ultimate goal – to proudly sell, use and recommend 100% green barcode slave-free products.

Vote Here for one (or more) of these remarkable 2022 Nominees:

Additional/Rising Star Nomination

Congratulations to the 2022 Global Awards Finalists for Computing/Technology/Phone Apps

The IASC Anti-Slavery & Anti-Human Trafficking Global Awards are the largest awards of their kind in the world, with over 100 countries represented this year, and thousands of nominations.

Congratulations to the ten individuals, or groups, who received the most nominations for this prestigious global award (prior to the August closing date).

All nominees are presented with an award plaque at the gala awards in Las Vegas, 29th October, 2022. The individual/group with the most votes is presented with an additional “Medal of Freedom” for the computing, technology & program development award.

Come along and meet these wonderful heroes!

Attend Awards

Award Rules

Congratulations to the 2022 Global Awards Finalists for Travel, Tourism, Transport & Accommodation

For anti-bullying, anti-slavery or anti-trafficking programs or outstanding global achievement in travel and related fields –   individual or group .

Congratulations to the 2022 Global Awards Finalists for Agriculture, Food & Beverage

For anti-bullying, anti-slavery, or anti-trafficking programs or outstanding global achievement in “farm to table”, agriculture, food & beverage production and service, and charity meals in the food & beverage-related industries.  –   individual or group.

Congratulations to the 2022 Global Awards Finalists for Federal Authorities

Congratulations to the 2022 nominees for Global Federal Authority Award. These are voting awards, so for vote here for your favourite nominee to win the “Medal of Freedom” Medal for Federal Authorities.

Voting closes Oct 1, 2022. Voting is anonymous – vote as many times as you like. It is free to vote, and you do not have to be a member. See Award Rules

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Congratulations to the 2022 Global Awards Finalists for State-Level Authorities

Congratulations to the 2022 nominees for outstanding achievements in the fight against human trafficking by state-level authorities.

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Slavery – still legal in 94 countries

From the World Economic Forum in conjunction with Thomson Reuters Foundation comes this must-read article by Reuters Journalist Sonia Elks

Congratulations to the 2022 Global Awards Finalists for Local Authorities

Medical, counseling & victim support groups honoured in Global Awards

Congratulations to the 2022 nominees for outstanding achievement in the fight against human trafficking in the medical, counseling & associated victim’s support fields.

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Congratulations: 2022 Police, Fire & Emergency Services Award Nominees

Congratulations to the final nominees for the 2022 Police, Fire & Emergency Award for outstanding achievement in the global fight against human trafficking.

Show your support for these remarkable individuals by voting for your favourite and attending the awards night to show them how they really are changing the world for trafficked victims.

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The International Anti-Slavery & Anti-Human Trafficking 2022 Award for Volunteer Groups & Volunteerism

Congratulations to these remarkable individuals who volunteer with anti-bullying, anti-slavery or anti-trafficking programs and/or outstanding achievements as a volunteer or member of a volunteer group nominated for this prestigious global award. 

Kristin Aviles– Hopelink
Serafin Calvo – City of North Las Vegas
Mark Davis – Abundance International
Juliana Glock – Volunteers of America
Melissa Holland – Awaken
Kimberly Miles– SHERO Foundation
Kathyann Powell – Saving Jane
Makaya Swain – The Embracing Project
Nevada Volunteers
Lena Walther
– Awareness is Prevention

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10-year-olds trafficked in Canada

From the Real Stories Youtube Channel comes this must-see documentary.

” Human trafficking is a reality: Asian girls are enslaved in suburban massage parlors; domestic workers toil like slaves in suburban homes; girls in a Montreal subway station are lured into prostitution; Vancouver gangs recruit Honduran boys to sell drugs. Featuring candid interviews with victims, witnesses and perpetrators, Avenue Zero weaves a spellbinding portrait of a dark and sinister trade flourishing in the shadows of the law. “

Real Stories

2022 Finalists: Charities & Community Groups

The 2022 International Anti-Slavery & Anti-Human Trafficking Award
Charities & Community Groups

For anti-bullying, anti-slavery, or anti-trafficking programs in community groups, religious groups, charities, or related fields –  individual or group.

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2022 Finalists: Programs for Women & Children

The International Anti-Slavery &
Anti-Human Trafficking 2022 Award for
Programs for Women & Children

For re-homing, shelter, repatriation, care & assistance in anti-bullying, anti-slavery, and anti-trafficking care programs for women & children –  individual or group.