Volunteers – we need you!

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Please join our volunteer team!

Please Contact us if you can help.

WordPress Expert – Programming & Design Level

We desperately need a WordPress expert to volunteer to help re-design and “renovate” our website. Visitors need easy access to information, but also need to leave with action items such as – a) knowing how they can change their shopping habits to buy slave-free products, and b) know the ‘red flags’ to spot human trafficking and c) know the safety signals & phone apps that can save a victim’s life. Please Contact us if you can donate even a few hours here and there.

WordPress – Operator, designer, artist

We would love to have as many people as possible contribute to our website. Even if you only have a basic knowledge of WordPress – your help could still be vital help creating new dynamic WordPress pages, or update our existing pages. Please Contact us if you can donate even a few hours here and there.

Writers, Journalists, Reporters & “Tipsters”

Help keep us up to date with changes in legislation, inspirational rescue stories, and what companies are doing in their supply chains – both good & bad!  We give credit to all submitted articles, videos, or podcasts. Contact us

Social Media

Even 15 minutes per week helps!

Can you set aside 15 minutes every week to help us.  Check back with us every week, and share our urgent postings.  Here’s the first one you can share that could save a life TODAY! 

Please share this: 
I’M IN DANGER” secret hand signal

Presenters – Key Note Speakers

All nominees for the global awards are invited to give a 5 min TED-like presentation at our Las Vegas Conference.  If you are involved in any way in the anti-bullying, anti-trafficking, or anti-modern slavery, rehabilitation, victim care, or working in the law against offenders – and especially first responders – we’d love to hear from you. 

See: Speakers Application Form

Fundraising Ideas

Take a look at the super-fun ideas we have for fundraisers: 

See Easy fundraisers

Special Projects

Our mission is to end modern slavery through economic means.  We welcome need help with even the simplest tasks like answering emails.  Or, if you can donate a few more hours every month, helping with campaigns like: “green hair day” campaign to raise awareness for green barcodes or one of our other special projects here

Become a Member

Strength in numbers. The more members we have, the more we are a strong legitimate voice at the table pushing for legislative change, encouraging companies to write strong human trafficking statements & ethical guidelines, and push for funding for charities involved in the education, rescue & repatriation of victims. It is free to join.

Professional Advisory Panel

We welcome psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors for both our professional advisory panel, and also to submit articles for our website, and to speak at our annual conference.  

If you work in human trafficking, if you are a first responder, or work in the medical field, or if you work in manufacturing and know about supply chains, in fact, in any professional capacity that you think you can further our goals of ending slavery through economic means – we want to hear from you.   Even if you only have a few hours here and there – we want to hear from you!

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