Bullying, teenage runaways & sex trafficking

One of the major ways children fall victim to traffickers is when they are bullied and eventually run away.

60% of runaways
are approached by traffickers
within 48hrs of
running away.

Traffickers know there are a steady stream of teenagers, and children as young as 8 will be hanging out. They’ll be at train stations, in parks, or outside McDonalds, just there waiting to become victims.

60% of runaways are approached by traffickers within the first 48hrs
of running away

Our writing competition is a great way for students, parents & teachers to start to make the connection, and understand the grave consequences of bullying, and how it leads to runaways being approached by traffickers.

Children aren’t abducted off the street. The trafficker will be the nicest person that kid ever met. They’ll buy them meals, take them to the hairdresser, buy them jewellery…in the beginning. In the end, they’re trapped in a nightmare in which only about 1% ever escape, and their life expectancy is 7 years from the day they become a victim.

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