2022 Finalists: Special Campaigns & Events

The International Anti-Slavery &
Anti-Human Trafficking 2022 Award for
Special Campaigns & Events

For outstanding achievement in producing an event, conference, or promotional campaign that promotes anti-bullying, anti-slavery, and antitrafficking – individual or group.

Vote for: Australia’s Largest Lunch – Australia
Vote For: Crimestoppers UK – Wales Campaign – UK
VOTE FOR: “Demand Reduction” Campaign: – USA
– Texas Dept of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division
– Lubbock Police Dept Special Operations
– Hockley County Sheriff’s Office
– Levelland Police Dept
VOTE FOR: End It Movement – USA
VOTE FOR: Fox 5 Las Vegas – “Behind the Badge” Campaign – USA
VOTE FOR: Hand Gesture – Canadian Women’s Foundation – Canada
VOTE FOR: High School On-Line Summit – USA
VOTE FOR: Impact Film Challenge – Australia
Operation “Reclaim Rebuild” – L.A. County Sheriff
VOTE FOR: Traffick Jam Live – USA