Organisers Wanted: Green Hair Day – St Patrick’s Day- March 17, 2023

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17 is a fun day around the world to celebrate anything Irish – and GREEN!

Bright green hair sure attracts attention – and that’s what we need to bring publicity to slave-free green barcodes when you shop.

Organize a morning fun tv event in your area. All the tv morning shows have mobile teams, or a fun weatherman to cover events around the country. Invite your local tv celebrity to come down and have their hair died bright green! Invite your local politicians, influencers and friends.

Here are ways to help:

  1. Organise a morning television event. Contact us on for our free information pack.
  2. Host a St. Patrick’s Day Party at a local pub (or in your home). Contact your local Irish Pub. Get them to run a “green hair competition”, or a donate free drinks for anyone with green hair. Email us for posters & handouts for local pubs.
  3. Dye your own hair green
  4. Donate! As the IASC is staffed by volunteers – 100% of your donation goes to free education program for schools, colleges and communities
  5. Buy a ribbon – It’s only $5 and wearing that ribbon, or promoting the ribbon as your photo for a day on your facebook page and social media helps get the word out to “BUY GREEN”.
  6. Buy a pin – the IASC pins are only $10, and combined with the ribbon make a statement that you will not put up with slavery any longer, that you will look for green barcodes, and shop ethical
  7. Check out our online free ethical shopping guides
  8. Ask your workplace or school to get involved
  9. Become a volunteer
  10. Become a Global Ambassador
  11. Run a fundraising event
  12. Contact us to see how we can help you promote this global fun way to increase awareness and encourage people to look for green barcodes and shop ethically.

Yes, even our Chair, A/Prof Colleen B Kelly got in the fun last year with Irish makeup, green hair, lots of fun, and bringing awareness to the evils of slavery and shopping ethically – and GREEN BARCODES!