Fundraise for us

Host a Free Education Day

The IASC is dedicated to free Human Trafficking Awareness Education. Help us fundraise to keep our program free for communities, charities, police & first responders.

Host a “Party with a Purpose”

Contact us to see how to host a breakfast, lunch, book club event, cocktail evening, or even a full gala ball in your hometown to help us raise funds for our free human trafficking community awareness program.

Host a writing competition

Host a writing competition, with a small entry fee so people, especially juniors, can afford to enter. This is a wonderful way to educate an entire school at once on the risks of trafficking or perhaps even inspire an entire state, such as the Nevada Writing Competition.

Donations & Actions

Can you, or your company, donate items for our silent auctions at events, or for public auctions on eBay/Amazon? We would appreciate anything of value to be donated for auctions. We are also looking for volunteers to help generate donations from companies and/or run fundraising auctions.

Host a sports event

Host a sports event, attempt a long-distance bike ride, host a horse riding event, basketball or baseball day. Considering modern slaves most probably made the rubber tires on your bike, the buckles on your horse’s girth, the lining of the basketball, or the very shirt you’re wearing – this doesn’t just raise funds for us here at the IASC, it also educates the public about the sports equipment and clothing they are purchasing. We are especially grateful for help from sporting bodies – especially now there is a new form of trafficking: See: what is sports trafficking?

Yes…even a duck race! “BBQ for a Benefit”

One group in Australia even held a duck race BBQ! People donated to attend a super-fun family BBQ games day and yes, one game was betting on little plastic ducks racing down the river. We’re happy to hear your ideas – and so grateful for your support!

On a more serious note…

Grants writing is one of the most difficult tasks for any nonprofit group. We are always looking for volunteers to research, write & submit grant applications, and would be very grateful to hear from you!