What is kidnapping by inveiglement?

Kidnapping by Inveiglement

“…for kidnapping, the term inveigle means to lure, lead astray, or entice by false representations or other deceitful means; as such, a person who entices another to ride in a car with a false promise to take the person to a certain destination has inveigled the passenger into the car

Reference: https://www.armfor.uscourts.gov

Here are just a few examples

Political pawns & “political hostage” purposes – Throughout the world, we see migrants, refugees and trafficked victims used as pawns. We see sports stars trapped in foreign jails, often given ridiculously long sentences. We see executives from other countries arrested at airports for no crime at all, in some kind of retaliation. It has become as radical as the diversion of commercial aircraft to capture political opponents. Refugees are deliberately trapped by politicians in refugee camps to force other countries into negotiations, or submission. We see places like Myanmar and throughout Northern Africa, and the Middle East and recently even in Australia, Europe and the USA where terrified people are lied to, and shunted from one place to another purely for political purposes.

Employment: Luring people with false promises of employment, wages, or conditions or rewards that prove to be highly false or misleading, or non existent.

Travel & Transport: Misleading statements to lure a person to travel in a car, plane, uber, yacht etc for employment or opportunities that do not exist.

Better Life: Making misleading statements about the standard of living. Leading victims astray with promises of a better life, safe away from foreign gangs, or wars & poverty in their homeland.

Facilities & Services: Luring people to travel with false representations about facilities, housing, health, cars & transport, education and social services that don’t exist

Different Location: Lying to victims about where they are sent, often arriving in a different state, or country, not knowing where they are, not speaking the local language, and relying on the goodness of strangers.

Compensation – where a victim is paid in money, gifts or barter to misrepresent themselves to authorities for purpose of travel.

Now, the good news is…

The good news is we are now seeing more and more pro-bono human rights lawyers standing up for victims who are:

a) helping the legal needs of victims, and
b) taking up legal action against governments to strengthen and enforce laws and to forbid the “capture by inveiglement”, or “unlawful arrest by inveiglement”, and “kidnapping by inveiglement” and
c) seeking multi million dollar compensatory damages

It’s up to us…

We believe, that the lawsuits, and the multi-million dollar fines, are the major way to stop this illegal practice from continuing, but it’s also the change in public sentiment – seeing local people welcome refugees and trafficked persons, seeing them open their hearts. That’s what will end this horrid practice in the long run.

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