Speaker’s List

Donna-Leigh Perfect

Donna-Leigh, at just seven years old witnessed the murder of her mother by her father.
Separated from her siblings she endured years of bullying and abuse in foster homes. Being told she was worthless, and nobody wanted or loved her, she felt abandoned and alone.Read More

A/Prof Colleen B Kelly

Chair and Co-Founder of the IASC, Colleen brings 40 years of experience teaching police and lecturing at Universities around the world to her passion – the economic end of slavery.Read More

Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion. Professor of Law William M. Rains Fellow

Professor Kathleen Kim is a nationally recognized expert on immigrants’ rights and human trafficking. Read More

Tina DeCola Human Trafficking Awareness for 911 operators

Tina DeCola combines her 20 years of extraordinary experience as a 911 operation while also an instructor for the Denise Amber Lee Foundation.Read More

Charletta Cruz –

Homeland Security Investigations

Victim Assistance Specialist, GS13
AOR: States of Nevada and Utah