Conference & Awards – Applications Open

Global Anti Slavery Awards Las Vegas August Colleen Kelly 2020

2020 Conference & Gala Awards – Las Vegas

–   “Preventing Slavery” Conference  – 

Friday 14 and 15 August, 2020   10:00am – 3pm
Attendance Free.  Lunch Available.

– Evening Gala Awards Night – 

Saturday 15 August, 2020    6:00pm
(Due to the date change due to Asian travel restrictions,
tickets not yet available until April 1, 2020
$150pp including buffet and drinks.  Limited seating.

The 2020 International “Preventing Slavery” Conference in Las Vegas is dedicated to solutions, rather than only helping out after the tragedy.  Nominations Open

Speakers applications now open
(application below)

2020 Presenters:

It’s early days, but these wonderful presenters are donating their time to the success of this great event:

Amy Bennett
Amy Bennett – First Responders – What slaves look like to First Responders
Tricia Dennis
“From Hell to Happiness” Life in a slave camp – personal memories from childhood
Colleen Kelly - The Green Barcode Button.001
Colleen Kelly – Green Barcodes – The simple idea that created a world-wide revolution in slavery
Nyasha Choto-Mutete
International Speaker, Nyasha Choto-Mutete
Donna Leigh Perfect Las Vegas
Donna-Leigh Perfect: School bullying linked to sex slavery

Apply to speak at this event:


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