Conference & Awards – Applications Open

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Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

2020 Conference – going ahead!

Too important to wait!

Firstly, again, let us think of all the families who are grieving at this time having lost their loved ones, and for the people and small businesses that are suffering as a result of the coronavirus that has now been officially named a “Pandemic”.

But, we can’t wait another year…

We’re not Cancelling!

We are simply changing to an electronic platform.  Our speakers will give their presentation on-line, and it will be available, free of charge, for you to watch from August 20, 2020 onwards.  We will even be able to add more speakers this way.

“Las Vegas” Gala Awards Night 

Our nominees still deserve to be honoured.  We will live-streaming free on Youtube so that each winner can then share their awards with their followers.  So – it’s still going ahead but it’s “on-line global” instead of at the Las Vegas Ballroom as we had planned.  Nominations still open!   See: Anti-Slavery & Anti-Trafficking Awards

Here’s just some of our speakers (more to come)

Amy Vanner
Amy Bennett-VannerHow First Responders can recognize someone being trafficked
Nyasha Choto-Mutete
International Speaker, Nyasha Choto-Mutete
Tricia Dennis
Tricia Dennis: “From Hell to Happiness” Life in a slave camp – memories from childhood
Colleen Kelly - The Green Barcode Button.001
Colleen KellyGreen Barcodes – The idea that created a world-wide revolution in how we shop
Catherine Molloy Las Vegas Anti Slavery Anti Trafficking
Catherine Molloy – We are honoured to have best-selling author Catherine Malloy speaking on her speciality – Body Language 
Donna Leigh Perfect Las Vegas
Donna-Leigh Perfect: International Key-Note Speaker will show us how school bullying and domestic violence can lead to homelessness and being trafficked.

…more speakers to come

Like our speaker’s information package? 

If you would like to give an 18 minute presentation on your work against human trafficking and slavery…let us know, and we’ll send you the speaker’s information package.

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