Free Human Trafficking Awareness Training

How to organise a free human trafficking awareness training day or event in your area

The fastest growing crime in the world is human trafficking. It is the little girl in the nail salon, unable to speak English, unable to escape. It’s one of the 60% of runaways who are approached by human traffickers within the first 48 hours of running away.

It’s the little boy or girl right in front of us in class as teachers, who are overly loud, or unusually friendly or “clingy”, or, the opposite: sullen, quiet and scared at the back of the room. Either one could be one of many victims rescued, as young as 4 years old, who have been tricked into sex trafficking in between school hours, and their parents getting home.

There are 45 million slaves/trafficked persons in the world today. This training shows how, you, or your child, could easily end up being one of them. It shows us how to recognise victims, and spot the people who traffic them, and ultimately – how we can help victims – within the confines of the law..

Why would City Hall host an event
for FREE?

…because it benefits your entire city by:

Creating & Supporting Jobss: An event in your area creates local jobs right there in your community. From additional local part-time staff for the event, to the local printer printing fliers, banners & name tags, to the hotel where attendees will stay, the restaurants where we eat, and the cars we hire from your local airport, it all benefits your city right there locally.

Crime reduction. Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world.
For Victims: This training prevents children & adults being tricked, into being trafficked.
For Police, Fire, First Responders & DA’s: Find out about the latest block chain technology finding where products are made and if slaves were involved. Learn about the software FBI uses to find faceless child victims of sex crimes on the internet. Hear about the anti-money laundering software that raises red flags both at the acceptance point (hotel reception, restaurant, nail salon etc), and with banks and authorities. Innovative ways police are using all over the world in combination with community groups and “police & fire friends and supporters” groups to get the advanced technology they need to catch these criminals, and rescue victims (without blowing the police budget).

Supports Local Charities: This training supports your local charities as they hear about innovative ways to both help victims, educate the public, and raise funds at the same time. It also helps NGO’s by circulating their business cards at the event to connect with government authorities and volunteers, and publicise any fundraising events their charity might have coming up.

Is your group fundraising?

Our training is FREE of CHARGE. So, why not use the event as a fundraiser? Have one of your trusted volunteers collect a fee at the door, and/or arrange fundraising silent auctions/raffles. That money is yours, for whatever purpose you need….however, when we are choosing where we are able to provide free events in the upcoming year, we especially prioritise groups who are fundraising to purchase or upgrade technology, computer software, satellite phones, or anti-money laundering software, security systems, phone apps and the like, as we recognise the thousands of victims who have already been rescued, purely because of technology.. This way, our training not only saves lives – it raises funds YOU GET TO KEEP for your group as well!

Police & Fire: Training now mandatory

Human trafficking training is now mandatory in many states. We are happy to come and give large group training to emergency services around the world. Find out the “must knows” for emergency services: the secret hand signal to show you’re in danger. The secret (free) apps every child should have on their phone, and know how to use them in an emergency. Find out which changes in legislation overseas are working in combatting human trafficking (and which are not). A full day course is the equivalent of 6 hours of Human Trafficking Training (HTT). Certificates of attendance are provided to all attendees.

How much does it cost?

All IASC training is completely free of charge, world-wide, however, we also have significant costs to travel to you, especially overseas, and in remote areas. We still provide all training free, however we also welcome donations at any time to help cover our costs to get to you.

Is it difficult to organize?

Simply email the City Hall in your area, or perhaps a local high school assembly hall or gymnasium, a large lecture hall or police friend’s and supporter’s groups and them for a donation of the City Hall or their venue, send them our links to our previous training, and gather their response and email us and let us know if there is interest in your area in arranging an event, and we can get started.

We might be coming to your area already…

Events are obviously booked well in advance, especially if involves international travel, however we are already visiting the following cities, so contact us if you would like to arrange a visit, meeting or educational day, fundraiser for your group, or to speak at your event.


  • Nevada (Annual Conference & Awards Night) – October, 2022 (& 2023)
  • TEXAS: Dallas, Austin, Waco – November, 2022 (& 2023)
  • Kentucky – Novemeber, 2022
  • VA/Washington DC – November, 2022 (& 2023)
  • Chicago – November, 2022 (& 2023)
  • Canada: Vancouver, Toronto & Edmonton November, 2022 (& 2023)
  • Western Australia – tour of several towns/cities Nov/December, 2022 (& 2023)

Edition of 300

A/Prof Colleen B Kelly, Chair, IASC
Receives “thank you” recognition award plaque from the
London UK Metropolitan Police
A/Prof. Colleen B. Kelly
Just one of our team training police –

FOR FREE – for over 30 years


  • Phillipines, Singapore, Cambodia – January
  • Australia: Gold Coast & Perth – March, April, 2023
  • South Africa: Johannesburg, Dublin & Cape Town – May, 2023
  • Ireland: Dublin – June
  • Switzerland: Geneva & Lausanne – June
  • France, Lyon – June
  • Canada: Vancouver, Toronto & Edmonton – August
  • Texas. Dallas, Austin, Waco – September
  • Chicago – September
  • Washington DC – September
  • Nevada (Annual Conference & Awards Night) – October,
  • Kentucky – November

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