Don’t have $ money to come to the Awards?

Countdown to Vegas…



  hours  minutes  seconds


You are one of only 10 people in the world nominated for your Award category.

The 10 very best in the world.

Sometimes –
you’re also the problem!

To be in the top 10 – people voted for you from all over the world! They’re you’re closest friends, or maybe just the acquaintance you shook hands with at a conference. Lots of the people who voted for you are sure to be your best buddies, or family – the people who really support you the most. THEY want you to succeed. WE want you to succeed.

All our nominees are heroes, but…

Heroes help OTHERS –

they’re TERRIBLE at helping themselves!


“I have no money”

That’s because you’re thinking about money for YOURSELF. You’ve forgotten that you need to raise funds for your CAUSE – it’s not for YOU.

You may be raising funds because you are the ONLY PERSON IN YOUR ENTIRE COUNTRY who has been nominated.

You may be raising funds so that you can push the message about anti-bullying leading to trafficking, or how men get tricked onto seafood slavery boats.

It’s not about your sparkling personality (lol)!
We VOTED for your CAUSE
we will happily help FUNDRAISE for your CAUSE!

Your friends didn’t vote for your sparkling personality, they vote for your ACTIONS – they have voted because they believe in your cause. They have voted for you because they believe you have done so much good in your community, you just HAVE to be recognized. But they also voted so you can attend the conference and learn more to help more and save more lives.

“I’m embarrassed to ask for help” –

Time to rethink! You are going to a conference to meet representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, the Mayor’s Office, the Sherrif, and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. There will be Federal Police, Police from Texas, and attendees from Cambodia and Canada. These are the top 10 people in the world at what they do in each category. Meeting them, connecting with them internationally, and learning from each other helps our causes, and saves lives. You are raising funds to get you there so that you can bring this training back to your own hometown and help EVEN MORE!

I’ve told people I’ve covered my costs

You might get your airfare sponsored, but the more cash you raise, the more time you can spend in Nevada, the more meetings you can take with the Department of Education, or with the Sheriff’s Department. You might have some savings or a gift, but you also will see computer software, technology, books, and educational materials there that you will want to buy. Yes, you’re half way there, but the more we help you – the more you learn, the longer you can stay, the more people you will meet, and the MORE LIVES GET SAVED.

Las Vegas is here VERY soon
So, let’s get started…

Where’s our invite?

The friends who voted for you WANT to come to your fundraising party!

BBQ, martini nights, taco Tuesdays, comedy nights

Host a business breakfast or sunset cocktails

Ask an existing meetup group of business execs and go speak to them, ask for donations, sell merchandise

Party with a PURPOSE!
And…don’t forget to invite us!

Build your Shopify Store in One Hour!

Start a Shopify store.

Create a PayPal button

Ask any teenager to follow this link and create you a cool PayPal Button….update your look!

Create a PayPal Button

Change your
Facebook Profile photo
temporarily to show your
Award Badge…super great promotion!

Local Children’s Clubs

Raising the few thousand it will take to get you to a conference should be a TOP PRIORITY for any group associated with children: Guides, Scouts, Schools, 4-H, Pony Clubs, Soccer Clubs, Swim Clubs. They all need human traffick/anti-bullying training. By getting them to fundraise for you, sell cookies, have a bbqs, games days, sausage sizzles, it’s not just raising money – YOU ARE EDUCATING YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY about trafficking & bullying. You’re helping your cause – while getting cash to fund you to learn even more, and help even more.

“60% of runaways
are approached by human traffickers within
first 48 hours”

Ask each friend for one donated item

The friends who voted for you would be HAPPY to donate their old laptop they don’t use, or a camera that sat in the cupboard for years, or that leather jacket that really will never fit again! Ask your neighbors for donations, or if you don’t have a front yard, ask your friend with a large front yard to host it at their place. It’s fun turning junk into dollars! The more dollars you raise – the more you help your cause. The more you can help – the more lives you save.

Sports + cocktails = perfect party

A fundraising walk, or a fun-run, a yoga day, or a golf afternoon is HORRIBLE IF YOU HATE SPORT…but, the people who voted for you are HAPPY to meet you after the event at the famous eighteenth hole bar! Email your local soccer club, or tennis club ask them to host an afternoon for you, or give you a percentage of the bar, or have a BBQ after a sports event. We want to party with you! And, even if you don’t make a fortune at just one event, again, you have your cause in front of the public eye again. Who knows if one of those people at your party the next day sees a young girl in a shopping center with a creepy old man that just doesn’t “look right”, and thinks of you, thinks of your cause, and KNOWS HOW TO ACT AND WHAT TO DO!

Karaoke & hotel bar nights

Hotels mid-week are often nearly empty and would LOVE your business. Organize a night with your local pub, if you have friends (or kids!) who are singers, or can DJ, ask them to sing or play music and MC on the night. People pay a few dollars to sing a karaoke song or pay even more dollars to have your singer sing a particular song. And, (God help us, lol) you can ask for $100 to get YOU to sing – and people WILL PAY!). Ask the hotel for a percentage of the bar, charge a $15 entrey fee. Or $25 with a free drink, something like that, and you have a great night out – and come home with cash! Again, it’s not just about money, it’s getting your cause out to be SEEN BY THE PUBLIC.

Donations & Auctions

We’ve all got exercise equipment we don’t use, or an expensive ring from an old boyfriend we’ll never wear, or artwork sitting in the cupboard. We would be HAPPY to donate them to you to auction on EBay for you to come and hear the best speakers in the world – and bring that training back to your hometown to save some of the 45 million people that go to sleep tonight as slaves.

We voted for you because you’re not helping YOURSELF,
You’re helping trafficked children.

We’re not just helping YOU…
…we’re helping THEM!

Are your friends or family
artists, photographers, or writers?

Ask them for a donation of their work for your garage sale or eBay auction. Ask them to judge a writing, photography or art competition like the Nevada Writing Competition. Ask the local camera store, or book store to give you gift vouchers as prizes, and off you go! A competition has TWO functions – it raises money with a small entry fee – but it REALLY raises awareness for your cause.

If a school supports your competition –
you educate the entire school, teachers, staff & parents about bullying, runaways & trafficking.

So much fun! Duck Race BBQs

If you live near a river (such as this photo from the Cascade Gardens, Mermaid Beach fundraiser), host a duck race/bbq. Eating, drinking, and betting on silly ducks for fun, bring the friends who helped you together to raise funds to bring this education right back to help them, and their friends avoid trafficking, and spot people being trafficked or bullied. Especially fun for kids in summer!

Cake stalls, selling cookies and having a sausage sizzle outside the local hardware store is the way to get your message to the people. They will never hear about your cause unless you’re OUT AT LOCAL EVENTS. But, let’s face it, unfortunately, selling cookies will make you PENNIES. You need BIG bucks for your BIG message, so…

It’s Time

Devote 15 minutes a day to getting a long-term financial plan for your cause, so you can give up those part-time jobs that keep you going. We voted for you. We supported you. The Government is just people like us – and EVEN THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO SUPPORT YOU TOO!

If you can apply for a driver’s license, you can apply for a grant, it’s that easy

Listen on the way to work!

Here’s a suggested Facebook post…

I’m so excited!
I’ve been nominated for the 2022 global Anti-Slavery Awards, Las Vegas for my work in anti-bullying leading to runaways being trafficked. Part of the prize is having my presentation filmed at the Las Vegas Conference at the City Hall.
Small groups and non-profits like mine don’t have budgets to go overseas. I am so honored to receive this award, however, being able to hear the other speakers – the FBI, the District Attorney, the Sherriff and Police from all over America, and nominees from all over the world, hear their latest research, that’s what can help the children back here in my own home town. 

I want to invite you to my fundraising party/karaoke night to raise funds to take up this amazing honor. The _ hotel is donating donating 10% of the proceeds.

See you at:  Hotel -_________[name]_____________
1123 _______________________ Street,
Somewhereville. OH. USA
October 16, 2022 6:00pm  
$15 donation at the door
$5 to sing a karaoke song
$10 to have our professional singer [name]______ sing your song
$100 to get me to sing a song! (God help us!)


If you save children from bullying you save them from domestic violence later on. Watch this video and remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing. Watch video – (graphic warning!)


Watch this success story about a recent rescue – just because the child, and a passing adult, new the “I am in DANGER” hand signal.


Most people are tricked into slavery, they’re not abducted off the streets, they are conned by a “boyfriend”. They are farmers who are tricked onto a remote farm, passports taken, never to be seen again. They are little girls coming from Asia to nail salons in the west, terrified, uneducated, servicing “clients” in the back room with far more than pretty nails.


Millions of INNOCENT people are in concentration camps around the world making our clothes. We can only stop this by learning about the most modern technology. By coming to the conference, you will learn about these astounding computer systems that are rescuing victims, finding traffickers, and sending them to JAIL!


is illegal just about everywhere in the world. A grandfather in India poor, no food, his son is a paraplegic, they are desperate. He goes to the mine owner and asks for $100. That will bind him, and his children, and his children’s children for generations to come to work for the mine owner. They NEVER get to pay off the debt. They are charged for things like “housing” when they living in a cave! in the mine They are charged for “food” but barely get enough to survive. The laws exist, it is illegal, but the third world countries can’t, or won’t, enforce them. It is up to the west to look at the minerals we buy, the wheat we eat, the cotton we wear in our clothing, and find out where it comes from. You have seen the quality of the nominees in your category! Government representatives, the FBI, State, Local Federal, and even Interpol have been nominated. By meeting and learning from these people, but also impressing upon them how much the international community really cares – we bring together these normally fragmented groups and SAVE LIVES!


the common denominators with child runaways is that they are tricked and bullied. They finally meet someone who is nice to them, and next thing they’re tricked into being trafficked into a different state, or country. Educate children – they don’t get tricked. Stop bullying & you stop runaways.


Forced marriage still happens in the west in minority communities. Girls as young as 8 years old, married to a 70 year old men. By supporting our conference, and developing our membership, the IASC brings a stronPOLITICAL IMPRISONMENTS & TRAFFICKINGv –g voice to government. Look what ONE SINGLE LETTER written by an Ambassador can do – with one letter 50 slaves were freed. Imagine what the IASC can do if we write FIFTY letters!


Send the wrong tweet, and you can end up in jail for years, tortured, or even murdered. days a week, with hardly any food. Not allowed to speak. Not allowed to severy invented mile, much less laugh. Raped, electrocuted, and the worst torture imaginable – the Masijia torture.


There is a big difference between a drug cartel member sneaking into a country illegally, and a Ukrainian grandmother fleeing missiles, or an 11-year-old girl, on her own on the Myanmar border, after just losing her entire village to murderers, and raped every day in the refugee camp. To open our hearts internationally, to help others, meet others, and develop a network – this is the only way to save people.

But the only way you can do it – is if you make the conference.


If we help you – you help others – lives are saved.

Please, let us help!