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Even if you only have 15 mins we need your help!

Join the remarkable individuals who volunteer to help develop the IASC Membership base. From the person living across the road, to the highest Government delegate, every member is vital to our success.

There are four types of membership, and we need help developing all of them! Without Members, we will not survive.

All staff at the IASC proudly volunteer their time, free of charge. That means every cent we raise goes to free education to warn people of the dangers of human trafficking, and teach the “red flags” to know how to spot someone being trafficked. We need help to bring governments together to make slavery ILLEGAL world-wide (it’s currently LEGAL in nearly half the world!). We need help to educate the public and advise corporations on ethical purchasing and shopping, and especially to promote the IASC’s very own invention – the GREEN barcode that shows shoppers at the checkout if a product is slave-free.

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