Petition to the UN: End Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is worse now that it ever has been. There are so many people suffering, being beaten, being starved, raped, and dying.

And a lot of them a little, innocent children – in the sex industry they can be as young as four years of age.

Our idea worth spreading:

  • Green barcodes show a product is slave free – consumers happy!
  • Black barcodes can be taxed higher – government’s treasury happy!
  • Every government requires that banks issue a debit card to anyone who applies.  Experts say cash is too expensive, too dangerous, too costly and leads to corruption, especially in 3rd world countries.

Here is our petition:

Petition to :
António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres GCC GCL Secretary General
United Nations

Experts estimate there are 40 million people in the world today.

Beaten, unpaid labour, they are in the most dangerous industries in the world, and often the “dirtiest” industries in the world, mining minerals spreading mercury, cutting jungles, and ruining fishing areas for years to come.

These are REAL slaves. They cannot go home, they are in fear of constant danger. Beatings are commonplace, and overworking little tired bodies to death is quite common.

We ask that you set up an International Green Barcode Investigative Committee (GBIC) with the Mission of:

1. GREEN product barcodes – guaranteed slave-free products

2. BLACK barcodes – products not guaranteed slave free supply line

3. ENCOURAGE HIGHER TAXATION. Encourage governments to tax BLACK barcodes higher, giving a percentage to the UN to help fund the Green Barcode Project, with countries keeping the majority of the tax to help increase workplace conditions, and employ more inspectors in their countries. Thus helping slaves, the government, their economies and the UN.

4. A DEBIT CARD FOR EVERY CITIZEN. Governments to encourage banks, especially in 3rd world countries, to give a debit card to every citizen. Countries where they have given homeless people debit cards, have seen an enormous drop in crime, an increase in self-esteem, and the “beginning of the end” of the untaxed, unmonitored, dangerous and nearly always illegal, black cash economy.


1. Increase employment – especially in 3rd world countries

2. Increase income through taxing bad products

3. End slavery by starving it economically.

We, the undersigned, hereby request the United Nations to act quickly to end the fastest growing crime in the world today.